muslimah hijab style in india .. hijab girls

muslimah hijab style in india .. hijab girls

Indian Hijab Style

The colourful world of India is where we're going for the next instalment of around the world hijab style. Although similar to Pakistani fashion which I have already done a post on, there are some key differences between the two countries trends.

I dug up a lot of photos for this post so I will only post my favorites..

First, well I haven't seen one of these before - an Indian sari with a hijab, lovely! That red is so vibrant and bold:

Indians certainly heart their patterns and colours, this mum has thrown them on like it's no ones business and the end result is quite stunning, I like the material shes tossed over her head:
Aw, I wonder why they're sad.. at least their hijabs are nice though, I love polka dots!
This has to be my fave pic, the colours are wonderful and that bright orange dress is great for the beach:

Here is a beach outfit I put together, inspired by these bright, vibrant tones:
Sunshine by Zaenab

Indian Hijab Styles

One scarf, 3 styles from 3 Indian school girls:
I found quite a few Indian hijab photos so I have put the nicest ones together:

I really like the loosely wrapped goldy coloured one too, so pretty ^-^ And last but not least, Muslimah pals praying together, cute hijabs!

muslimah hijab style in india .. hijab girls