hijab in malaysia .. hijab girls

hijab in malaysia .. hijab girls

Malaysian Hijab Style

This has to have been one of the most interesting posts in terms of finding pics for it because Malaysian hijab style is very wide and varied as you will soon see, ranging from skinny jeans and a top to the traditional and vibrant Malaysian dress. I found a lot of photos so I'm only going to post my faves:
I thought I would start with tradition first; here is a lovely take on the Malaysian dress, I love those earthy tones:

If you are looking for some weird and wonderful hijab styles on the high street, Malaysia is certainly the place to be:

This second one is so pretty, it actually looks like a flower! :D
I have done a few posts in the past about Malaysian hijabi celebs so I thought I'd throw another one in for good measure, I don't know what her name is but her outfit with its bright colour clearly has a Malaysian twist:
You won't be hard pushed to find a modernly dressed Malay hijabi:

The whole outfit together isn't for me but I do think it looks sweet anyway. I love this next one though:

Remember, if you're wearing a top that's embellished like that, never wear a necklace it's just too much!

Ohh, a hooded abaya they look so cool but I prefer them when they aren't up lol..

Next, an interesting photo taken for a Malaysian magazine:

Aw how cute is this pic ^-^ I looove her scarf

You'll always find a hijabi fighting crime somewhere, I love it :D

And last but defiantly not least, Nabila who pops up every week with a new outfit, to check out any more of her outfits click on Nabila's Pick Of The Week in 'My Faves' section.

I hope you liked discovering more about Malay hijab style! This post was done by the request of ekantona ^-
hijab in malaysia .. hijab girls