Malaysian actress wardina safiyyah Celebrity Style Steal

Celebrity Style Steal.. Malaysian actress wardina safiyyah

Celebrity Style Steal..Wardina Safiyyah

Actress, presenter, model and mother, Wardina Safiyyah is my next style steal. She lives in Malaysia, but is mixed race herself and started wearing hijab back in Ramadan of 2000. I cannot get enough of her diverse style and she is certainly my favorite 'celebrity style steal' so far. So here is a taste of her hijab fashion approach:

Starting glam, I love this gold dress she's wearing! The pink one the other women's got on is so cute, I want both outfits :D
I'm not the greatest fan of abayas, but this one is so stunning. The outfit of the other women is gorgeous - a simple way to glam up a hijab outfit is to wear a really 'dressy' top with a plain block colour skirt.

Wardina hearts pink:

Here she appears on the cover of a mag in a cute Turkish hijab:

With her pals in pink and gold - a fantastic combination:

So cute!

A day not wearing pink is a day very much wasted..

A really nice simple outfit with, of course, a pink touch:

My Steal:

Copying her pink theme (kinda)..
Soft colours..(ish) by Zaenab
OK.. so not everyday. Not much of a lover of orange myself but what a great pic of her with her friends, awww:
I love bold prints, they look really nice when worn with the right stuff, like here:

This outfit is stunning!! Gold is one of my fave colours and she's pulled it off by keeping it simple. I'll try my best not to be too jealous of the (most probably) real Louis Vuitton she's clutching so protectively..well I don't blame her!

And last but not least, Wardina with the cutest, most adorable accessories a women can have (well, maybe apart from a Chanel bag but..)

Celebrity Style Steal.. Malaysian actress wardina safiyyah