fresh and fancy crochet


I just ran into this blog and I’m very taken with the designs I find there.  To be honest, I haven’t purchased a pattern from this designer, but I’ll probably be doing so soon.  As is my practice, I prefer to try one of a designer’s free patterns before investing in the ones that cost.  That way, I can be sure I understand the way the designer
writes patterns and get a sense of the difficulty level I might encounter down the line.  It also helps to have established a bit of a relationship with a designer so that if I run into problems, I can shoot an email for help with some hope of getting an answer.
This is the pattern that first caught my eye

This is not the sort of crochet pattern one encounters every day.  I’m not sure it’s one I’d ever make but I find it breathtakingly beautiful.
Then, there’s this beauty:I do enjoy crocheting doilies and I like pineapples.  I can see myself making this colorful piece of froth just to have on a table in my living room.
Do you see a theme here?  Thinking of Spring?  Well, sort of.  There are many outstanding patterns on this site.  I want to order about 20 of them right now.  But, I’ll hold off til the Winter snows have receded a bit and I don’t need that afghan or scarf I’m crocheting in my lap keeping me warm.
But, then my eye was caught by this appealing doily that would work great for Halloween – except that I don’t decorate for Halloween.  Well, I might need it anyway.  Double Double Toil and Trouble it is!
This designer works mainly but not ONLY in thread.  This layette is an exquisite example of yarn work.

What mom
wouldn’t love to receive this sweet layette for her baby girl?  This is about the sweetest layette I’ve ever seen.  I love the look of the little green leaves and edging that set off the pinks so nicely.
There are many more delicious patterns on the site at Bella Crochet.  Here’s an example of one of her freebies: