Fashion for Tiger Mothers..tiger clothing

Fashion for Tiger Mothers..tiger clothing
Everyone is talking about Yale Law School Professor Amy Chua's new book The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother in which she describes her methods for raising successful, high-achieving children. The Wall Street Journal published an excerpt from the book which received thousands of comments, ranging from horror and disbelief at Chua's extreme methods to admiration for Chua's insistence on nothing short of excellence from her daughters.
If you look at pictures of Chua, you see a slender, attractive woman usually dressed in sleek business attire: blazers, maybe a delicate necklace. But shouldn't a Tiger Mother wear her ferocity on her sleeve? With animal prints continuing to be a hot trend, it's easier than ever for Tiger Moms to show their stripes. Here are some key pieces no self-respecting Tiger Mother should be without.

When drilling your preschooler in the elements
of the Periodic Table, remind them that AU stands for gold with this gold tiger tee (above left) from Chinese-American designer Vivienne Tam. (One can't help but wonder, were Tam's parents devastated that she didn't grow up to be a concert pianist/cardiologist? Oh well! Their loss is our gain.)

Need to tell your child that she is "garbage" for being disrespectful to you? Nothing reinforces the point like this black tiger tee (above right), also by Vivienne Tam. For all intents and purposes, it looks just like a black Hefty bag!

When stomping on your child's dream to play a villager in the upcoming school play, be sure to sport these chic tiger-print heels by Jean-Michel Cazabat. These 3.5 inch pumps are also useful for towering over your lazy, self-indulgent child during those marathon piano-practicing sessions.

Speaking of piano, it can be hard to stand there for hours on end, denying water and bathroom breaks — hey, those police interrogators know what they are doing! — while your seven-year-old works on getting the right hand and left hand to play the different rhythms in Jacques Ibert's charming piece, "The Little White Donkey." When your resolve starts to weaken, usually about hour nine or so, glance down at this tiger ring from celebrity jewelry designer Kenneth Jay Lane. The tiger's fierce visage will remind you that you, the mother, know what's best for your child, and her own wishes and desires are meaningless.
Perhaps Chua's publishers can put together a cross-promotion with some of these designers for her upcoming book tour.

Fashion for Tiger Mothers..tiger clothing