kim kardashian hair - how to get hair like kim kardashian

kim kardashian hair - how to get  hair like kim kardashian

Do you want to get your hair like Kim Kardashian's? If so, read the below hair styling tips to do your hair just like Kim Kardashian's. Soon you will be
able to style your own hair the same way Kim wears hers. You don't have to have your own personal hairstylist, you will be able to create the same hairstyle just by following the article steps listed below.

Things You'll Need:

    * Curling Iron
    * Blow Dryer

      Shampoo and condition your hair. Try using different a different shampoo and conditioner than you normally use in order to kind of shock the hair. If you use the same shampoo and conditioner every day, your hair gets used to it and doesn't give the same bounce and shine.

      Blow dry your hair until your hair is completely dry and straight.

      If your hair isn't the length of Kim Kardashian's, you can choose to add hair extensions to give you the extra length like Kim Kardashian's. You can easily add clip on hair extensions. You can purchase them from your local beauty supply store.

      Next, use an ionic hair straightener to flat iron your hair.
      Now it's time to curl your hair like the way Kim Kardashian wears hers. You can spiral curl your hair by parting your hair in small sections and using your curling iron to create spiral curls. If you are very skilled in doing spiral curls with a curling iron, you might want to use a special curling iron that will easily create spiral curls. You can also use hot rollers as well. (View the links below under Resources for sample hair styling products).

      Once you have curled your hair, brush the curls slightly to loosen them up.

      Complete your Kim Kardashian hair style by spraying your hair with hair spray

kim kardashian hair - how to get  hair like kim kardashian